Trails & Trailhead Maps

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The RCDR map is for sale in the Visitor Center for $5.  If you need to plan a trip before you visit, or prefer to use our online resources, we’ve also added maps below for downloading. Please be sure to grab the free Adobe Reader if you are having difficulty viewing these PDF files.

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Red Mountain

Snow Canyon

City Creek and Paradise Canyon

Broken Mesa

Mill Creek and Grapevine

Cottonwood, Red Cliffs, and White Reef


You can find detailed maps of the BLM trails in the NCA at the Interagency Office located at 345 E. Riverside Dr., St. George.  You can find a map of Snow Canyon State Park by clicking here.

Remember, stay on designated trails and keep dogs on a leash while in the Reserve. This applies to hikers, bikers, equestrians, and all other trail users. In the Upland Zone, off-trail use is allowed. The difference is in the topography and ecology of the Lowland Zone. The Lowland Zone is home to many threatened or endangered species of plants and wildlife, in particular, the desert tortoise and banded Gila monster.

To see the delineation between the Lowland Zone and the Upland Zone, view one of the trail maps and notice the difference between the green-shaded area and the brown-shaded area. The green-shaded area is the Upland Zone and the brown is the Lowland Zone.

The purple-shaded area signifies Snow Canyon State Park land.


Trailheads (TH)

Most trail descriptions in the next section include photos, maps, and written descriptions of each of the trailheads associated with each trail as part of their content.  The following trailhead descriptions are provided due to unusual difficulty in finding or describing the manner in which each trailhead can be legally and safely accessed by the public.  By clicking on the maps and photos shown on each trailhead, visitors will have additional information that is hidden from view and will also have the opportunity to see them in a larger view.

Trail Descriptions and Photos

By clicking on the maps and photos shown on each trail, visitors will have additional information that is hidden from view and will also have the opportunity to see them in a larger view.


BLM trail system within NCA

Personal Safety

Hiking or riding in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve provides a wide range of experiences suited for a variety of users. Trails vary from easy to extremely strenuous and involve significant challenges when adequate preparation is not made. Extreme heat in the summer, cold temperatures in the winter, lack of shade or water, sudden downpours, lightning, flash floods, deep sandy soils, rocky inclines, steep drop-offs, wild animal encounters, and unapproved user trails all create potential challenges that require planning and preparation. Users are urged to use good judgment and honest evaluation of capabilities when choosing activities in the Reserve.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to wear clothing (including footwear) appropriate for the trails they intend to explore, carry sufficient water, sunscreen, and repellant to meet their basic needs, and to obtain sufficient information from agencies, user groups, maps, and existing literature to understand the nature of the environments they are likely to encounter and precautions that need to be made. For back-country hiking in remote canyons and other areas, it is critically important to leave word with friends or family when and where you intend to hike. Search and rescue operations cannot be fully implemented if teams don’t know where to begin looking for you if you are lost or injured. Cell phone coverage does not exist in most canyons and remote sections of the Reserve. For your own safety, hiking or riding in these areas should always include two or more persons. Topographic maps, GPS units, and emergency supplies are highly recommended for all such excursions. For more information, you may contact the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve at 435-301-7430, the Bureau of Land Management at 435-688-3200 BLM Recreation Website, or Snow Canyon State Park at 435-628-2255 SCSP Website.