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HCP Renewal Documents

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Snow Canyon State Park

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR)

Desert tortoise adoption program (UDWR)

US Fish & Wildlife Service


BLM – Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

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Desert Tortoise Council

Leave No Trace

Washington County Government

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Zion National Park

Other Documents

Washington County HCP – restated and amended Oct 2020

Washington County HCP – amended 11-3-09

Public Use Plan

Utility Development Protocol

Compensation for Desert Tortoise Habitat

Volunteer Manual


Form A – Survey Request

Volunteer Service Application

Gila Monster Observation Form

Confluence Park Use Permit Application

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Take areas and maps

A take area is a geographical area outside the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve designated as Mojave Desert tortoise habitat. Any development or habitat disturbance within a take area must be coordinated with the Desert Reserve administration. There are 10 take areas designated within Washington County. The maps of those 10 areas are available here.

To coordinate development, or if you have questions, please contact the Desert Reserve administrator at (435) 301-7431 or the habitat biologist at (435) 301-7433.



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