Turtle Wall

This very popular and scenic 1-mile trail segment is located in Paradise Canyon and can be accessed indirectly from the Chuckwalla, Halfway Wash, and Gap trailheads.  It is most often hiked or ridden as part of a loop trail involving either the Chuckwalla, Paradise Rim, and Halfway Wash trails or the Chuckwalla, Beck Hill, and Paradise Rim trails.  Other loop options are available.  Partly a single track dirt trail and partly a slick rock or slightly rocky trail, it is most popular with hikers and bikers.  From its junction with the Chuckwalla trail it is largely uphill to its junction with the Paradise Rim trail.  See the Paradise Canyon trail map.  The cumulative elevation gain is about 350 feet and the total up and down elevation change is about 480 feet.  Completing the ever popular 3½ mile loop on the Chuckwalla, Turtle Wall, Paradise Rim, and Halfway Wash trails entails considerable up and down, making the loop of moderate difficulty.  Most of the trail runs along the bottom of a spectacular red rock wall incised with grottos, small side canyons, and beautiful arches.  Abundant desert wildlife including hawks, eagles, rabbits, lizards, birds, chuckwallas, and a rare Gila monster may be seen at various times of the year.  Visitors are asked to keep pets on leash to protect the pets, the wildlife, and other visitors and to remain on designated trails to protect the critical habitat.   The trail crosses lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

BLM website for Turtle Wall

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