The Toe trail sits at the toe of Red Mountain in Ivins, Utah and generally follows a flood control dike protecting the community to the south.  Approximately 1.4 miles long, this easy, popular trail provides hikers and bikers a hard-packed, level, dirt trail that can accommodate large-wheel strollers and safe hiking for families with small children.  The trail crosses lands administered by the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation under the auspices of Snow Canyon State Park.  The trail lies outside of the fee area and no charges are presently incurred by visitors to the area.  Access is most often made via the Ivins trailhead at the very north end of 200 East St. in Ivins.  This site has ample parking for a number of motor vehicles.  At its eastern terminus on Tuacahn Drive, access to the trail is gained through the Gunsight trailhead where pull-over parking is available for 2 or 3 cars.  The trail provides initial access to two major hiking trails or routes including the south ends of the popular Red Mountain trail and the Gunsight route, both of which involve steep, strenuous climbs.  Close-up views of the spectacular Red Mountain complex and designated wilderness area managed by the Bureau of Land Management provide one of the trail’s major attractions.  Visitors with dogs are reminded to keep their pets on leash at all times and to pick up pet droppings and dispose of them in containers provided by the State Park.  A half-mile offshoot of the Toe trail takes off to the south from the eastern middle of the main trail and exits on Tuacahn Drive at the boundary between park land and the adjacent residential subdivision.  No parking is readily available at this point.  This gently sloping segment runs through desert terrain with creosote bushes and other vegetation common to the Mojave ecosystem.