Views of adjacent peaks are numerous including this view of the northern peak in the Sandstone Mountain complex.

The currently unmarked Sidewinder trail starts at its western end at an unmarked junction about ¼ mile down the Arch Trail. The trail heads southeasterly along a hard to discern faint track as it climbs over the ridge and turns east. After running through two deep washes, the dirt trail then climbs up a brushy slope marked with user-placed cairns and finds a visible horse trail continuing north-east up the sloping ridge and into the red and white sandstone formations.  Marked with numerous additional cairns, the steep trail then winds to the highest ridge and the Sandstone Mountain trail junction. Very nice views of the mountain terrain exist along the entire upper part of the trail. The rocky sections of the Sidewinder trail are not biker friendly and can be a challenge even for some equestrians. A secondary horse trail breaks off from the main route more than halfway up the steep slope and leads to some outstanding views of the surrounding peaks. The moderately difficult route is about 1 mile long with an elevation gain of about 435 feet and a total elevation change up and down of about 500 feet.  The trail lies entirely on lands administered by the BLM within the Red Cliffs NCA.