Sandstone Mountain

The Sandstone Mountain trail consists of an old jeep road that runs below these two sandstone peaks.

The Sandstone Mountain and associated trails can be accessed from the Sand Cove trailhead and Flicker trail or from the Sand Cove primitive recreation area (no camping or picnicking facilities available).  It is commonly used in conjunction with the Sidewinder trail for a delightful but strenuous 3-mile loop and is one of the more scenic hikes in the RCDR (see the Sidewinder trail description for more details).

 Starting at its junction with the Sand Cove Access road, the Sandstone Mountain trail follows a sandy 2-track over most of its 2-mile length and climbs about 550 feet as it winds clockwise around the mountain.  Towards the top, a short portion of the trail becomes very rocky and can be challenging for some bikers and equestrians.  Portions of the northern-middle of the Sandstone Mountain trail are open to 4WD travel.  From its junction with the Sidewinder trail on the top, a short trail extension about 0.3 mile long may be taken south that offers some great views to the south-east.  Well-developed horse trails exist on both the north and south sides of the mountain that provide alternate routes with better footing for horses and/or access to superior overlooks.  The trail lies mostly on lands administered by BLM within the Red Cliffs NCA.  A small portion of the northern loop runs through SITLA land.