Sand Hill

The Sand Hill trail breaks off from the lower Bone Wash trail on the west and joins the Grapevine trail on the east, a distance of about1.7 miles.  The trail runs through a deep, sandy soil throughout its length and is not recommended for bikers.  Popular with equestrians who combine the trail with other linked routes for longer rides, the trail is also used occasionally by hikers who often link it with the Dino Cliffs trail and associated access routes for a nice 5-mile loop.  Hikers will enjoy the trail more after a rain or during the wet season when the sand is firmer than during the hot, dry months. Visitors will be treated to spectacular views to the north of the canyons, plateaus, sandstone cliffs, red rock formations, lava escarpments, and mountains in the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness Area and Dixie National Forest.  From the Bone Wash junction, elevation gain to the high point is about 560 feet with a total up and down elevation change of about 820 feet.  The trail runs across lands administered by SITLA.

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