Rusty Cliffs

Some of the formations to the east provide unique landscapes which make the trail worthwhile to hikers, bikers and equestrians.

The Rusty Cliffs trail is about 3.5 miles in length with a net elevation gain from south to north of about 400 feet and a total up/down elevation change of 910 feet (650 up, 265 down). The trail is accessed from the north via a step-over in an unmaintained parking area off State Highway 18.  From the south it is accessed from the north end of the City Creek trail, or via  a step-over 200 yards to the east of the underpass on the south side of the Red Hills Parkway to access the dugway that drops down to the underpass. The northern part of the trail is primarily a single track, dirt path that is overgrown by vegetation in many areas. Most of the time, the trail/route can be determined by sighting one trail sign to another. The southern section of the trail is primarily an old, 2-track road that is also overgrown in places due to limited use.  A couple of sections of the trail follow the fence line near the state highway. Most of the trail is far enough removed or hidden from the highway, however, to provide reasonable seclusion from the traffic.  The trail provides some interesting views of the sandstone formations that lie on the east side of the trail. With final construction of the Red Hills Parkway complete, including the underpass, it is expected that the route will receive increased use from equestrians and other visitors. Prior to the area being protected by the RCDR, thoughtless shooters left much broken glass on sections near the highway. Other than the southern-most part of the trail on St. George City land, the traillies entirely on lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management in the Red Cliffs NCA.


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