Paradise Rim

This popular 1 ¼ mile trail in Paradise Canyon may be accessed indirectly from the Chuckwalla, Gap, and Halfway Wash trailheads.  It is most frequently used in connection with other trail segments to form loops widely used by hikers, bikers, and equestrians.  From the Chuckwalla trailhead, it is reached via the Chuckwalla and Turtle Wall trails, the Chuckwalla and Beck Hill trails, or the Chuckwalla and Halfway Wash trails.  From the Gap trailhead, it is reached by either of the short Gap or Gecko trails.  From the Halfway Wash trailhead, it is reached via the Halfway Wash trail.  At its north end, it connects directly to the Gila and Scout Cave trails.  See the Paradise Canyon trail map.  The trail is a single track dirt and rocky substrate with considerable up and down segments.  From the junction with the Halfway Wash connector trail, the total elevation gain is about 390 feet with a total elevation up and down change of about 500 feet.  Although it can be strenuous in some parts for some users, it is of easy to moderate difficulty in many portions and provides outstanding views of the St. George metropolitan area and surrounding communities.  Great views of much of Paradise Canyon and red rock formations are seen from its higher elevations.  Spring flowers and abundant desert wildlife provide other excellent viewing opportunities.  Steep drop offs are found at some of the overlooks and visitors are cautioned to keep young children and pets under control in all cases.  The trail crosses lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation.

BLM website for Paradise Rim

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