Owens Loop

This easy to moderately difficult trail provides nice views of St. George, the Red Hills golf course, and surrounding areas.  It is a very popular trail and ideal for families, bikers, and individual hikers.  It can be accessed from three trailheads: the Brooks Nature Park trailhead via the Brooks Nature Trail, the Pioneer Hills trailhead, and the Owen’s Loop Trail step-over off the Red Hills Parkway.

1. The Brooks Nature Trail begins at a small city park and trailhead at the north end of Main Street in St. George. From this trailhead the round trip hike is about 3.5miles in length witha net elevation gain one-way of about 330 feet and a total round trip up and down elevation change of about 2080 feet.  The trail merges with the Owens Loop trail 0.3 miles from the trailhead.  From the park, it is a single track, mostly dirt path to where it joins the City Creek connector trail from the Pioneer Rim trailhead.

2. From the step-over across the highway from the Pioneer Hills trailhead, visitors hike the City Creek Connector trail along an old sandy and then rocky 2-track to the T-junction with the Owens Loop Trail.   The total length of this route is about 3 miles round trip with an elevation gain one-way of about 40 feet and a total up and down elevation change of about 740 feet. A Red Hills Parkway underpass to the north of the Pioneer Hills trailhead parking area facilitates visitor access to the stepover located on the other side of the Parkway.

From the junction with the City Creek Trail, the Owens Loop Trail continues west to the loop overlooks.  The trail at this point is mostly slick-rock with interesting red rock formations and a few short drop-offs. This trail section contains a few areas with sloping, rocky stretches that can pose problems for less capable hikers and bikers and which cause it to be rated as moderately difficult.  The trail lies primarily on lands owned by the City of St. George and partly on lands administered by BLM within the Red Cliffs NCA.

BLM webiste for Owens Loop

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