Our Native Desert Environment

Confluence Park has a rare desert setting.  Above the Park the landscape is dry, rocky and barren, but in Confluence Park, nestled at the base of canyon walls, is an area much different.  The presence of the confluence (meeting) of LaVerkin Creek, Ash Creek, and the Virgin River brings a life varied from that above.  The tree-lined stream banks keep water cool for native fish while other threes, brush and grasses provide food and cover for additional wildlife.  The result is a rich and varied experience for both inhabitants and visitors.

Featured below are a few of the species that can be found in the Park.

Wildlife Residents of Confluence Park

Arizona Toad

Great Basin Rattlesnake

Gray Fox


Red-Tailed Hawk

Yellow Warbler

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Plants of Confluence Park

Fremont Cottonwoods

Velvet Ash



Fourwing Saltbrush

Claret-cup Cactus

Desert Four O’Clock

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