Mill Creek Trailhead

The Mill Creek trailhead can be difficult for some visitors to access since high clearance vehicles and/or 4WD capability may be needed to reach its location.  The trailhead actually lies at the north end of Main Street in Washington City, Utah, about one mile from where the pavement ends.  A locked gate, however, is now located just after the end of the pavement to prevent access to the state and private lands and public water facilities to the north, all of which were receiving recurring trash dumping, vandalism and damage from motorized recreationists.  Vehicles have made a go-around at the gate, openly used by members of the public, but a 4WD is essential to get safely through the rough and sandy route. Legal access is available only by travelling north on Buena Vista Boulevard or on I-15 and turning north at Exit 13 and taking the unpaved jeep road to the west at the north end of the Boulevard.  After going through or around the reflective directive sign posts, continue on a wide, unmaintained jeep road downslope till reaching a major north-bound jeep road (unsigned) that leads to two municipal water tanks ½ mile to the north.  A red fire hydrant marks this intersection.  Take the hilly and somewhat sandy trail to the right eventually going past the Dino Tracks trailhead till almost at the top of the rise immediately below the second tank.  Turn left on an unmaintained jeep road (sandy and semi-rough in a place or two) heading due west and follow it downslope till intersecting the next major dirt road that shows signs of regular maintenance at the bottom of the hill.  It is also a powerline road with a single powerline overhead on tall poles. This is the Main Street extension.  Turn right and follow it 1/3 mile to the head of the road where the trailhead, stepover, and locked gate is located.  Four or five vehicles may be parked at the site including a horse trailer, if needed.  Visitors are prohibited from parking in front of the gate which serves as access for municipal vehicles conducting maintenance on city water wells up the road.  There are no facilities at this site other than a small kiosk with a trail map, often a target of vandalism.  The trailhead parking is on state lands administered by SITLA.  Future development of the property may significantly change the nature of the trailhead access in years to come.  The trailhead provides direct and indirect access to the Mill Creek, Washington Hollow, Bone Wash, Elephant Arch, Sand Hill, Mustang Pass, Middleton Powerline, and Ice House trails.

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