The Kestrel trail provides direct access from Snow Canyon Parkway in northwest St. George to the mid-point of the Scout Cave trail.  This short, relatively level trail generally follows the bed of Sand Hollow Wash for a little over ½ mile.  There is no parking near the entry point which exists on the southeast boundary of the Reserve residential development.  Visitors normally park on vacant, private ground on the south side of the Parkway across from the roundabout located about 300 yards to the northwest and walk the paved trail to the wash where hikers can drop down into the drainage.  Visitors may also use the Snow Canyon Parkway trail from any point along that trail to hike or ride to the intersection with the Kestrel trail entry as part of a loop excursion.  Trail signs help visitors stay on the proper course, but occasional floods may remove the signs.  Some portions of the trail move to the uplands immediately above the wash to avoid impediments from boulders and dense vegetation.  Bikers will struggle with the soft sand in the bottom of the drainage.  Total elevation gain from the Parkway to the junction with Scout Cave trail is less than 40 feet.  The trail runs primarily through private ground within an easement owned by the City of St. George and crosses a small segment of land at its north end administered by the BLM within the Red Cliffs NCA.