Halfway Wash

This trail comes out of the Paradise Canyon residential development.  Although a small trailhead is provided at its location in the development, no parking is provided on the privately owned roads and adjacent property.  The City of St. George has long range plans to complete a paved trail along Halfway Wash from the recreation underpass at Snow Canyon Parkway to the trailhead to link with authorized parking areas on the trail system to the south.  Visitors using this access are asked to respect private property rights.  The trail is a little over ½ mile long and connects directly with the south end of the Paradise Rim trail and with the east end of the Turtle Wall trail.  It is used primarily to complete popular loop hikes in the canyon.  See the Paradise Canyon trail map.  Consisting entirely of a single track dirt trail, it is considered to be easy hiking or riding throughout its length.  The trail parallels the heavily vegetated Halfway Wash that contains cottonwood trees, willows, and other vegetation common to riparian systems in southwest Utah.  Because of its popularity, it is heavily used by local residents who have created numerous user social trails in the area.  Please refrain from using any of these non-designated trails which can severely impact the quality of the habitats of the wildlife species for which the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area were created.  All designated trails are clearly marked with sign posts to help visitors know where hiking and riding are authorized.  Unauthorized trails are often marked with rock barriers and/or signs showing No Access allowed.  The trail crosses lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management within the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.  Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

BLM website for Halfway Wash