Mountain Lion
(Puma concolor)

The mountain lion, or cougar, is a large predatory cat found at all elevations in the Reserve. However they are most common in the higher elevations. Human encroachment is probably the biggest threat to these secretive animals. Deer are the preferred prey of the lion, and may make up 75% of their winter diet. Dens are generally in rock shelters or caves. Although breeding occurs throughout the year, most young (1-6 per litter) are born from April-September after a 82-96 day gestation period. The young will be weaned at 6 weeks of age, but will remain with their mother for up to 2 years.

Mountain lion attacks on humans are extremely rare, and have occurred mostly in areas where urban development has encroached upon lion habitat.

Please report to us any sightings of this elusive animal.

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