This short 0.4 mile trail serves as a connector trail between the Spanish Wash and Bracken’s Loop trails.  Formerly, it was considered the western segment of the Cottonwood Hills trail but was renamed by BLM to make it clear it was not directly connected to Cottonwood Hills.  The trail is a single track throughout its length and is suitable for hiking and equestrian use but is difficult for biking due to its often deep, sandy nature and steep gradient.  East to west elevation gain is about 190 feet, most of it on its western end.  The trail provides opportunities for hikers and equestrians to form a variety of loops with Bracken’s Loop, Spanish Wash, Prospector, Grapevine, and Cottonwood Hills trails.  Nice views into the Cottonwood Canyon wilderness area are had from the trail’s higher elevations.  The trail lies entirely on lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management in the Red Cliffs NCA.


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