Beck Hill

This 1½ mile trail connects the north end of the Chuckwalla trail in Paradise Canyon to the north end of the Paradise Rim trail. It is used as part of a very popular 4½ mile loop consisting of the Chuckwalla, Beck Hill, Paradise Rim, and Turtle wall trails and returning to the Chuckwalla trailhead.  It also serves as an alternate route from that trailhead to reach the Gila and Scout Cave trails from the southwest.  See the Paradise Canyon trail map.   It is suitable for hikers, bikers, and equestrians and involves single track dirt and rocky substrates with considerable up and down segments.  The elevation gain from the south end is about 345 feet with a total up and down elevation change of about 425 feet.  Primary access to the Turtle Wall climbing area comes off this trail shortly after leaving the junction with Chuckwalla.  During the tortoise active season, this trail typically produces the largest numbers of reported tortoise sightings.  Visitors are reminded to respect the animals and view them from a safe distance and to avoid any direct contact.  Because of the tortoises and other protected wildlife, visitors must keep all pets on leash and stay on designated trails as identified on the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve maps and by the trail signing.  Many other forms of wildlife may be seen on this trail including hawks, occasional eagles, rabbits, lizards, roadrunners, and rarely observed coyotes, among others.  Numerous attractive red rock formations, including the spectacular Beck Hill outcropping, may be enjoyed along the trail.  The trail crosses lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management within the Red Cliffs NCA and the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation.

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