West Cinder Knoll

The West Cinder Knoll trail is accessed directly from a stepover on 600 North in the City of Hurricane about ½ mile west of the East Cinder Knoll trail.  The trail is segmented and includes a northwest trending trunk of about ½ mile of easy 2-track ending at a boundary fence.  Part way up the trunk trail at the wash crossing, a popular loop heads to the southwest on a jeep road that curves around the cinder cone in a gentle climb of 110 feet back to the north.  Consisting primarily of fine cinders, the trail is easy and reaches the top of the knoll about 1.2 miles from the main stepover.  The knoll consists of a volcanic cone that has been extensively mined in the past for its cinders.  Visitors may follow a loop around the top and return the way they came up.  Outstanding views of the Sandstone Mountain complex to the north, the East Cinder Knoll to the east, and portions of the Hurricane Valley to the south can be enjoyed by visitors.  Common wildlife include rabbits, hawks, small desert birds, lizards, and an occasional tortoise in the creosote flats below the knoll.  A ½ mile 2-track connector trail, called 600 North, parellels the city road and connects the East and West Knolls for those who wish to visit both.  The trail is generally suitable for hikers, bikers, and equestrians and lies entirely on lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management in the Red Cliffs NCA.

BLM website for West Cinder Knoll