Welcome to Confluence Park

Confluence Park is a 344 acre natural park managed by Washington County through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve office. It is uniquely located within the boundaries of Hurricane and LaVerkin, Utah where Ash Creek and LaVerkin Creek meet the Virgin River. Confluence Park sits at the bottom of large basaltic lava cliffs, leaving it isolated and protected from development in the cities above.

In past years, much of Confluence Park has been invaded by non-native species such as Russian olive and tamarisk trees. These invasive trees make the park less habitable to native plants and animals that once flourished in the area. Recent grant-funded conservation efforts have restored much of the Park’s riparian areas and have greatly increased the natural element and visitation enjoyment.  The Park is loved by people for its preservation, protection, and enhancement of the area’s rich cultural history, wildlife, and natural resources.

Confluence Park has a long and storied history. Evidence of Anasazi inhabitants, Native Americans, 16th Century explorers, and 19th Century pioneers can be seen and felt.  Often praised for its cultural and historic value, Confluence Park also is home to a broad spectrum of wildlife species.  Endangered and sensitive fishes swim in its waters, foxes, falcons, rattlesnakes, deer, porcupine, beaver, raccoons and more enjoy its rich variety of vegetation uncommon to a typical desert environment.

Hiking trails criss-cross the Park connecting towns and experiences.  Long-distance trails access the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve multi-trail system, which offers more than 130 miles of outstanding recreational opportunities.  See: multi-use trails.

For Confluence Park board meeting minutes contact the city of LaVerkin, 435 North Main Street, LaVerkin, Utah 84745.  Phone: 435-635-2581


Directions to Confluence Park

The main entrance to Confluence Park is at the LaVerkin trailhead.  You can access the park through the other trailheads as well.

1.  Hurricane trailhead

From Main Street in Hurricane, travel north until the road ends.  At this point you will see a faint trail that leads down to the river below.

2.  SR-9 trailhead

SR-9 has a large bridge which crosses the river.  Just north of this bridge is a pullout to the west.  At this pullout you will see a trail that winds its way down to the river below.  This trail follows the river to the old power station then continues on to eventually connect with the LaVerkin trailhead.

3.  Center Street trailhead

From State Street in LaVerkin turn west on Center Street.  At the end of the road there will be a trail which leads down into Confluence Park.

4.  LaVerkin trailhead

From State Street in LaVerkin turn west on 900 North into a subdivision called Riverwoods.  The paved road turns into a dirt road.  Follow this dirt road to the Confluence Park parking lot found on your left (south).


Activity in the 1900’s

Human History in Confluence Park

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Park Plan – 5/15/07

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Use Permit Application

Email application to: info@redcliffsdesertreserve.com or deliver it to the Visitor Center at 10 N. 100 E., St. George, UT 84770