The T-Bone trail starts at its south end from the picnic parking area inside St. George City’s popular Pioneer Park off the Red Hills Parkway.  It links up with the Pioneer Rim and Pioneer Hills trails to provide nice opportunities for loop hikes of easy to moderate difficulty.  The trail itself is 1.8 miles long, ending at a stepover and small parking zone off the Cottonwood Road about 1.2 miles north of the St. George Industrial Park.  Net elevation gain from the southern trailhead to the northern trailhead is 140 feet.  Total up and down elevation change is about 450 feet.  The trail is graveled at its south end to provide safe travel for city and utility crews maintaining water and power lines along the route.  Less than ½ mile from its start, the trail becomes a dirt two-track that winds north among desert hills and valleys that display creosote and desert shrubs along with abundant floral shows in wet springs.  By linking the Pioneer Rim trail with the Pioneer Hills trail on the east end, T-Bone offers visitors a comfortable and enjoyable 2-mile loop hike from which may be seen views of the St. George metropolitan area to the south, a red rock fantasy land in the middle, and views of the distant Pine Valley Mountains to the north.  Approaching the northern trailhead, visitors will encounter a moderate climb up a lengthy hill over a lava rock substrate of moderate difficulty.

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