Spanish Wash

The Spanish Wash trail is primarily a connector that links the Prospector, Cottonwood Hills, and Coachwhip trails.  It allows visitors to create loop hikes and rides involving all of the above trails in addition to the Cottonwood Canyon, Bracken’s Loop, and Church Rocks trails.  Popular with equestrians, Spanish Wash is comprised of a wide, relatively flat wash bottom comprised of deep, soft sand that can be wearisome to many hikers and is extremely hard on bikers.  Only 0.6 miles long, the trail is best hiked during wet seasons and shortly after rains when the sand provides a firmer substrate.  Unless signed otherwise, user trails that take visitors out of the wash bottom onto upland areas are unauthorized and should not be used to trespass on protected habitat inside the lowland zone of the Reserve.  The trail lies across lands owned by SITLA.

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