Red Tail

The moderately difficult Red Tail trail is reached by horse or on foot out of the Sand Cove area by taking the Sandstone Mountain trail till it reaches the crest of the Sandstone Mountain ridge after an elevation gain of about 550 feet. Turn to the left at the main north/south trail junction which begins the northern end of the trail consisting of a well-used jeep road that is partly rocky and partly sandy in nature.  Continue about 1/3 mile and take the right fork at the next junction and follow the trail down slope another 2/3 mile to the east border of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  At that point, the trail continues across private lands and takes visitors into the LaVerkin area.  Elevation loss from the northern end to the east boundary is 400 feet.  The trail is most popular with equestrians and ATV riders and is open to motorized travel.  The trail is usually ridden as part of an extended loop system often including the Raven trail or that segment of the Sandstone Mountain trail open to motorized vehicles.  Views to the south and east include the Hurricane Cliffs, portions of Zion National Park, Gooseberry Mesa, and portions of the Hurricane Valley.  Views to the west from the upper elevation include the Pine Valley Mountains and surrounding red rock formations. Many visitors access the trail from the east out of Toquerville and LaVerkin on established equestrian or ATV routes.  Partly on lands administered by the BLM within the Red Cliffs NCA, the route at its northern end runs across land administered by the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA).