Visitors are provided with outstanding views such as this one of the distant Pine Valley Mountains and the Cottonwood Wilderness area with red sandstone formations in the foreground.

At its west end, the Prospector trail starts at its junction with the Grapevine trail about ¾ mile from the Grapevine trailhead and proceeds another 6 ½ miles to its terminus behind the historic Orson Adams House in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area.  With numerous ups and downs of moderate difficulty, the trail is most often level over easy, single-track dirt and gravel and makes for excellent biking, hiking, and horseback riding.  Small patches of slickrock and sand are encountered in the middle sections.  Portions of the trail parallel Interstate Highway 15 which expose visitors to traffic views and noise, but good views are provided by the cliffs, rock formations, and mountains to the north.  The trail is very popular with bikers and equestrians and is accessed primarily out of the Cottonwood, Grapevine, and White Reef trailheads.  Some bikers choose to come through the I-15 underpass near Church Rocks which crosses private lands with no easement at this time.  The trail makes several significant connections with other trails that allow for a large variety of loops for each of the various user groups.  These include Church Rocks, Bracken’s Loop, Spanish Wash, Cottonwood Hills, Cottonwood Canyon, and Grapevine with indirect connections to Dino Cliffs, Sand Hill, and the White Reef area system.  The trail lies across lands administered by the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration on the southwestern part and on lands administered by the BLM within the Red Cliffs NCA on its northeastern part.


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