City Creek

From here the trail runs immediately above the creek along this pebbly segment towards the detention dam.  The trail runs across the face of the detention dam as shown above to get to the other side of the creek.

The City Creek trail is most often accessed from a step-over on the west side of the Red Hills Parkway across the street from the Pioneer Hills trailhead.  From the trailhead visitors should take the concrete trail heading north from the northwest corner of the parking area to a Parkway underpass about 200 yards up the trail.  Proceed through the underpass to reach the paved city trail and head south about ¼ mile till the stepover is reached.  From this stepover, hikers, bikers, and equestrians follow a winding dirt, single-and-double-track trail of easy to moderate difficulty for about 3 miles with numerous ups and downs.  After passing above the Red Hills golf course, the trail dead-ends on the north when it reaches another stepover on the Red Hills Parkway near the junction with Highway 18.  Total elevation change is about 960 feet (435 feet up and 525 feet down) from the Pioneer Hills Trailhead).  Because the northern stepover connects to the city trail system, hikers and bikers have the option of completing a nice loop back to the Pioneer Hills trailhead on the city trail for a total trip of 4 miles.  Near the trail’s northern end, visitors may also proceed on to the Rusty Cliffs trail that drops down a deep dugway to cross under the Parkway and continue north along Highway 18.    Along the City Creek trail, visitors get occasional glimpses of portions of St. George City, the Red Hills golf course, and mountains to the north, south, and west.  Common wildlife include desert tortoises, cottontails, jack rabbits, hawks, and a variety of lizards. Desert floral displays are evident after rainy periods, particularly in the spring.  An alternate access point is found at the head of Main Street in St. George at the Brooks Nature Park trailhead. From that small parking area, visitors may proceed up the Brooks Nature trail to the Owen’s Loop trail and head west till reaching the junction with the City Creek connector trail. The connector is about ½ mile long with uphill segments and some rocky substrate of easy to moderate difficulty.  This trail leads visitors to join the main City Creek trail to the north.  These trails lie entirely on lands owned by the City of St. George.


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