The Chuckwalla trail is accessed directly from the Chuckwalla trailhead off of State Route 18 north of Snow Canyon Parkway.  It is one of the most popular trails in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve because of its close proximity to residential areas, its friendly network of trails in Paradise Canyon, and beautiful red rock formations throughout the immediate area.  A little less than one mile in length, it serves as a major connector to the Turtle Wall, Beck Hill, Halfway Wash, and Paradise Rim trails in Paradise Canyon and as an initial route to reach the Gila and Scout Cave trails from the south.  See the Paradise Canyon trail map.  It also serves as primary access to the popular Chuckwalla and Turtle Wall climbing sites.  Consisting of dirt 2-track and single track segments, the trail generally follows the east side of Halfway Wash and involves some moderate up and down stretches.  Hiking for most people and riding for most bikers is considered easy throughout.  Equestrians make frequent use of the trail and its connecting links.  Observant visitors may see cottontail rabbits, lizards, hawks, roadrunners, eagles, an occasional tortoise during active season, and on rare occasions, a coyote.  Visitors make effective loop hikes by combining Chuckwalla with the Turtle Wall, Paradise Rim, and Halfway Wash trails and then returning to the start on Chuckwalla, a total distance of about 3 ½ miles.  This loop offers scenic vistas, rock formations, arches, slickrock sections, and increased wildlife sighting opportunities.  A second popular loop involves continuing from Chuckwalla onto Beck Hill and cutting across Paradise Rim to Turtle Wall and back to Chuckwalla, a distance of just under 4 ½ miles start to finish.  Either loop can be done in reverse order.  Because of a rockier substrate on Beck Hill, this trail would be a little more strenuous but offers more opportunities for tortoise sightings during the active season.  Trails in Paradise Canyon cross lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land management and the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation.  Visitors are asked to keep pets on leash for the safety of the pets, wildlife, and other visitors.  Users should also remain on designated trails to help maintain the critical habitats for which the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area were created.

BLM recreation website on Chuckwalla trail

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