Black Knolls

The Black Knolls trail is a lightly used equestrian trail that starts at a stepover on the Cottonwood Road about a mile and a half north of the large City of St. George water tank.  There is no parking provided at the stepover.  The trail follows a powerline maintenance road and ends abruptly at the top of the bluff above the Middleton Powerline trail.  No link has been constructed to connect to the trail below as is shown on the original Reserve map.  It is unknown whether the connection will ever be made.  The southern half of the trail is frequently overgrown to the extent it is not always distinguishable to the naked eye.  Approximately 2 miles long, the trail has a net elevation change of 200 feet with a total up and down change of 320 feet.  The trail runs mostly across public lands managed by BLM within the Red Cliffs NCA.  A modest tract of land near the trail’s center is managed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and has been used as a vegetation rehabilitation site.

BLM website for Black Knolls