Bicycling is a popular recreational use in the reserve. The spectacular scenery and varied terrain provide cyclists with unique opportunities aesthetically and technically. Because of the impacts caused by off-trail mountain bike use to delicate desert soils and the likelihood of newly developed mountain bike trails if the expansion of this use is not restricted, bicycles are restricted to designated trails regardless of whether they are traveling in the Upland or Lowland Zone of the reserve. Within Snow Canyon State Park, bicycles must stay on paved trails or roads.

Water is largely unavailable in the reserve, so drinking water should be carried at all times.

Ride Responsibly. Reduce trampling of vegetation and trail erosion by utilizing slickrock areas for stops and group discussions whenever possible. If slickrock is not available, riders should travel in a single-file fashion to avoid widening single-track trails. Avoid “skidding” stops, skidding around corners, spinning tires when climbing, and riding in muddy conditions. Bicycling on muddy trails accelerates erosion. Trail closures to mitigate erosion may occur in areas determined to be impacted.

Wilderness Area Restrictions. Public lands within the Red Mountain and Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness Areas are closed to mountain bike use as a part of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area (NCA) designation in 2009.  Please visit the BLM site here for more info on the NCA and Wilderness Areas.